How to be a Healthy Vegetarian

I put this page together to better inform my young vegetarian friends on how to be a successful vegetarian.

There are lots of vegetarians in this world; there’s just not many healthy ones. I myself am a recovering vegetarian. What is a recovering vegetarian? That is someone who like myself didn’t “eat meat”, someone who didn’t understand the consequences of removing a food group from my diet without compensating for the loss of healthy fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. I know many “recovering vegetarians”, including myself who are suffering from a variety of health issues. So if you are going to be a vegetarian please take the time to learn how to be healthy one. Below are some links and videos I’ve put together to help you on you path.


Optimal Health

First review the “Eating for Optimal Health” video and chart to better understand the vegetarian recommendations.

Eating for Optimal Health – Video

Eating for Optimal Health – Text

Eating for Optimal Health – Chart

Vegetarian Diet

Second review the “Vegetarian Diet” video and chart.

Vegetarian Diet – Video

Vegetarian Diet – Text

Vegetarian Diet – Chart


Review the possible Deficiencies from a vegetarian diet.

Deficiencies – Text

General Resources

Dietary Guidelines – Weston Price Foundations

Dietary Guidelines – Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

Things to consider when becoming a vegetarian

I Used to be Crazy: How a Traditional Whole Foods Diet Saved My Life by Jessi
This article made me cry. Jessi is now a beautiful young woman and I’m so thankful she found her path.

My Experience With Vegetarianism by Chris Masterjohn
Another experience to consider.

22 Reasons Not to Go Vegetarian by Sally Fallon
Considerations to keep in mind.

The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith
The author leads us on her path from a vegan diet to one of whole foods. She examines the destructive history of agriculture and discusses the moral issues of eating meat or not eating meat. Discussions cover the environment, politics and health. An excellent read for someone trying to leave a vegeatrian diet but struggling with the “moral questions.”

Raw Food SOS
Denise Minger has thoroughly analyzed the China Study and comes up with very different results. She does offer some suggestions to succeed with a vegan diet. These same guidelines would help vegetarians.